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Sawasdee ka! Thank you for your interest in Deep tissue massage Biel

DTM Biel the new location  Nidaugasse 54, 2502 Biel ( 1st Floor ) is open now in the name ANATTA SPA,  The Spa is located above the RITUALS shop

Opening hours:  

Mo - SA   10:00 – 20:00


077 937 04 85

Anatta Spa             

(1st Floor)

Nidaugasse 54, 2502 Biel


Cash, Creditcard(Visa,                       Master, American Express) and

Debit card (Maestro, V-Pay)


What is DTM?

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage technique that focuses on all layers of muscle.  The goal of a Deep Tissue Massage is not just to relax, but to release the tension that we hold within the body. Deep Tissue Massage is not just for athletes.  People who exercise regularly AND stretch daily, need less massage than those who are sedentary.  Why? 


In comparison, those who spend hours sitting or standing in the same position, have poor posture,  are sedentary,  wear high heels, or just carry lots of stress always have muscles groups in a permanently contracted state which causes pain, and predisposes them to injury.

How is a Deep Tissue Massage different from other massages?

Most massages focus on just relaxation, relying on the calming touch of a therapist to calm the body, and relax the mind.  In order to complete the experience spa’s focus on aesthetic touches to aid relaxation – the smells, sounds, textures and ambience of the massage room and center.   Although very pleasant,  mostly these massages do not focus on encouraging locked muscles to relax.

Deep Tissue Massages can be painful at times.  There is an art to massaging that recognises that some discomfort is necessary to move the muscle beyond what it experiences daily, in order that it can then release.

Finally, education is a key part of a Deep Tissue Massage. 


Teaching the client to care for themselves,  instructing them on how to stretch to continue to release muscles, and prevent the recurrence of pain is important.  The therapist can always repeat massages for you, but for the best benefit, self care is essential

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