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Deep Tissue Massage
It is an  effective Massage technique ,which helps sore muscles, aches and pains, bringing more blood and oxygen to the tissue , speed healing and relieves tightness and dysfunction. Click here for more infomation

  60 Min/  90.- Fr

  90 Min/120.- Fr

Back & Shoulder Relieve Massage
Aroma-Candle- Massage
Natural Oil / Relaxing Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
Abdominal massage"Chi Nei Tsang"

Techniques are applied over the navel, directly on the skin surrounding abdominal area that blockages in your abdomen, promotes the free flow of energy in your whole body, Stress reduction, Harmonious digestion, Relaxed lower back,

Click here for more informtation

 50 Min/ 100.- Fr

Thai  Foot Reflexology Massage

Discover a sense of comfort & relaxation with DTM Biel’s foot relaxing massage,promote circulation, refreshing and stimulating .

Click here fore more information             

  60 Min/  90.-Fr

  90 Min/120.-Fr 


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