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Deep Tissue Massage for  Office Syndrom


Im Schulter

Suffer you also on unfavorable, always the same physical attitude during work in the office or with computer

Who does not know that? Hours at the desk in front of the computer. The result: tense shoulders, pain in the back, often associated with starting headaches. Here we have the right one for you! During the lunch break, let us take your tensions and pain in the shoulder and neck area.

The Thai massage with deep tissue massage technique to relieve the pain that can arise in the neck area, the shoulders, along the spine and in the arms and hands. This pressure massage goes directly to the corresponding points in the body and thus supports self healing.

Problems such as: back pain, numbness in the lumbar region, tingling in the fingers, and the legs are heavy? Often accompanied by severe headache, shoulder / neck tension and sleep problems, then you should think about a good office syndrome massage.

Office Syndrome Massage (arms, shoulder, neck, head, legs, face)

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